Here is what to expect at our office...

Initial Visit

The purpose of the initial visit is to determine the cause of your problem.

On the initial visit you will fill out paperwork describing  your problem. Dr. DeVreugd will then review your complaint areas with you and ask additional questions regarding your health.

After the consultation, Dr. DeVreugd will perform a thorough examination, including range of motion tests, orthopedic tests, neurological tests and a spinal examination. If necessary,  X-rays of the complaint area may be taken.

At the completion of the consultation and examination, Dr. DeVreugd will instruct you to return to our office to discuss your examination and X-ray results with you. He spends extra time every evening reviewing all new patient cases.

Report of Findings

The purpose of this visit is to inform you about your health condition and recommend a treatment plan.

After a comprehensive review of your history, examination and X-ray results, Dr. DeVreugd will decide if he can accept your case.

He will also answer three important questions for you on this visit:

1. What is the cause of your problem?
2. Can we help you?
3. How long will it take?

After he answers those questions, he will review your exam and X-ray findings with you.

Next, our financial officer will answer another important question:

How much does your insurance cover or how much will it cost?

After the financial officer reviews your insurance benefits with you, you choose from different treatment options. After a treatment plan is selected, Dr. DeVreugd will begin treatment.


At Almond Leaf Chiropractic, there are many treatment options. Your treatment needs and duration will be determined by many factors.

You will have a customized treatment plan designed by Dr. DeVreugd to help you reach your health goals.

Dr. DeVreugd has 3 important treatment goals for every patient in our office:

1. Reduce or eliminate your pain so that you can live a happy, healthy life.

2. Stabilze your spine so that your problem does not return.

3. Refer friends and family that are suffering needlessly to our office.

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